How to Unlock the iPhone 4 / 4S – A Howto Guide:

Unlocking the iPhone 4 or 4S today is really simple. If you want to unlock your iPhone now go to and submit your order. Your iPhone will be Factory unlocked within just a couple of hours. Hassle Free and without voiding warranty. If you want to learn more about unlocking, please continue reading!


Unlocking just became Easy, Safe and Hassle Free.
Until a couple of months ago you needed a software to unlock your iDevice: First you needed to Jailbreak your device, then if you were lucky you would be able to unlock the phone within a couple of hours trail and error. Software unlocking had many downsides but it was the only available option. Besides the hassle, software unlocking would also void your precious iPhone’s warranty. Apple simply stated: you tampered with the software of the phone, therefor we cannot replace your iPhone under warranty. Another big drawback of software unlocking was the fact that once unlocked you could not sync the phone with iTunes, unless you wanted to risk losing the unlock.

Fortunately a much better unlock solution was launched months ago: IMEI Based unlocks, also called Factory Unlocks.
IMEI or Factory unlocking has many benefits over software unlocking.
The main benefits of IMEI unlocking in a nutshell:

- It doesnt void your Warranty
- It works Permanently, once unlocked, always unlocked.
- It works on all iPhone Models
- It works with all iOS Versions
- It works rather fast, and automatically
- You can sync with iTunes after unlocking and everything on your phone will work as normal.
- Its a completely hassle free solution: no tampering with difficult software

To Unlock you simply submit your iPhone’s unique IMEI number to this site: They perform the unlock remotely by adding your IMEI number to Apple’s database of unlocked devices. Once this is done you will receive an Email saying the unlock is completed. Unlocking generally takes somewhere between 2 and 12 hours depending on the time you submit and the network your phone is locked to.

If you want to unlock now, simply click the image below:

Visit Site


Many people decide to unlock their Phone for many obvios resons. The question is, is this legal to do?
I just recently decided to unlock my iPhone 4S so i decided to look into the legalities.
This post describes my findings on the legalities of unlocking your phone.

Is iPhone / Cellphone unlocking Illegal?
If you live in the USA, the short awnser is: Yes, but it will be legal ( again ) soon!
In most european countries it is fully legal to unlock your cellphone. Judges ruled in multiple court orders that you own the device, and therefor you are entitled to do what you like with your cellphone.

In the USA cell phone unlocking was granted exemption by the DMCA for the last few years, making it perfectly legal to unlock your cellphone and use it freely with any carrier simcard.
Last October the Library of Congress decided to remove the exemption under pressure of the large phone companies who are against it for commercial resons. They decided that unlocking your cellphone would be officially illegal within the USA from 1 Jan 2013.

The desicion to make unlocking illegal after 6 years of legality created a fire under the many cellphone users  and rights activists who claimed that customers should be able to freely decide what they can do with their device.  Users filed an official Whitehouse petition against the decision to make unlocking illegal, and even the Obama administration stated that unlocking should be legalized. The petition was finally signed by well over 110.000 customers.

This was a great step in the right direction for all consumers, backed up by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski and the Obama administration who stated unlocking your cellphone is “common sense” and should be legalized again.

Mark my words, unlocking will be legalized again soon as politians realize that they will loze votes if they decide to hold on to a rediculous act that is backed up by nobody exept the big phone companies.



RIM Blackberry has admittedly been on the rocks for the past years, but with the BB 10 model they are hoping for a successful revolution.

Blackberry has surely been testing the patience of BB  fans who were looking to purchase this latest Blackberry the Z10, but the long announced model is finally available since the end of March this year.   With the Z10 Blackberry finally has a true competitor for the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 820. Blackberry proves to be serious about this model: Since the release date they already released a software update which makes the device more stable and BB is actively working on improving the quality of their app store to compete further with their competition.

We tested the device and are impressed by its bright screen, fast processor and its wonderful features. For all BB Z10 Users out there we have compiled a short list of tweaks and tricks:

Customize your icon layout:  Simply touch and hold an icon for 3 seconds on the homescreen. You will see they start to pulsate.  You can drag and drop the icons within the homescreen, or to the side of your screen: Your icon will move to another panel. Once you release the icon it will drop to the exact place where you drop it. Or you can drag your icons into a folder that you created earlyer. ( To rename a folder, touch and hold the folder for a few seconds).

Selecting a word Touch and hold the word that you want to select. The blue selection box will surround the word. Hold the word a few  seconds longer and the entire sentence will be selected. Another second longer:  the entire paragraph will be selected.

Word Substitution Works really good on the Z10. Open it in your Settings > Language and Input > Automated Assistance > Word Substitution. This was formerly called AutoText, and it works similar as before.  You can pre load your own substitutes, add twitter hashtags, ect. ect. This feature is well worth looking into when you get a new BB as it will save you a lot of time when setup propperly.

Taking  a screenshot Simply press both the UP and DOWN volumes keys simultaneously. Your screen shot will be saved in your Pictures folder.

If you have any tips and tricks that you’d like us to post, please feel free to contact us.